7/22/12Spiritual Tug Of WarListen
7/8/12Love It Before You Lose ItListen
7/8/12Don't Misjudge Our PigsListen
7/1/12Things About Which We Should Be SlowListen
7/1/12You Can Run, But You Can't HideListen
6/24/12Misdirected TrustListen
6/24/12How To Keep Yourself From Becoming EvilListen
6/17/12God Loves MeListen
6/17/12Fathers Harden NotListen
6/3/12Your Bible And Your Cell PhoneListen
6/3/12God Is Still On His ThroneListen
5/27/12Scriptural LoyaltyListen
5/27/12Rock Solid ChristiansListen
5/23/12We Are The Lord's SongListen
5/20/12Ye Did, Past Tense, Run WellListen
5/20/12Are You In Your Right Mind?Listen
5/13/12Songs Of DeliveranceListen
5/13/12Digging In The ValleyListen
5/6/12Where Be All His Miracles?Listen
4/29/12Baptist DistinctivesListen
4/29/12Elijah's Depression CaveListen
4/22/12The Lord Wrought A Great VictoryListen
4/18/12How To Pray For Your Big DayListen
4/15/12All These ThingsListen
4/15/12For He Knew What He Would DoListen
4/8/12If It Be Of God, Ye Cannot Overthrow ItListen
4/8/12If Christ Be Not RisenListen
4/1/12If Ye Will Hear His VoiceListen
4/1/12Burn The Sticks, Not The BarrelListen
3/25/12The Pain Of Giving BirthListen
3/25/12Miracle GrowthListen
3/18/12Why A DoubterListen
3/18/12And Kissed HimListen
3/14/12Sampson's Second ChanceListen
3/11/12Leaders That Are Hard To FollowListen
3/11/12Wearied In The Greatness Of The WayListen
3/4/12Be SoberListen
3/4/12Cave Greatness TrainingListen
2/26/12Do Gooders And Be GoodersListen
2/26/12Don't Hurt My SheepListen
2/19/12Helping Our Boys To Become MenListen
2/19/12Thy Comforts Delight My SoulListen
2/12/12The Fault Of Well Meaning PeopleListen
2/12/12The Sin Of ViolenceListen
2/5/12The Lost Trait Of ConcentrationListen
2/5/12Help! I Think I'm Sinking!Listen
1/29/12Let Not My Enemies Triumph Over MeListen
1/22/12Be An UrbanListen
1/22/12That For Which I LongedListen
1/15/12The Reasons People Don't LoveListen
1/15/12The Things Jesus Likes Best About HeavenListen
1/8/12Things We Could Leave At The AltarListen
1/8/12Our Excellent ExampleListen
1/1/12Our New Year Plan, Glorify HimListen
12/18/11It's All About JesusListen
12/18/11Biblical Training Concerning Social Networking And MediaListen
12/11/11How Sinners Become EvilListen
12/4/11Importance Of Repeating TruthListen
12/4/11How To Have PeaceListen
11/27/11Don't StealListen
11/27/11Your BibleListen
11/20/11Oh That I Were As In Months PastListen
11/13/11Deceiving The Very ElectListen
11/6/11Songs That We Sing That We Don't MeanListen
11/6/11When God Says I Have Had ItListen
10/30/11Reasons For Our StormsListen
10/23/11How To Fail At FishingListen
10/16/11Do It While You're StrongListen
10/16/11Your Clothes Are Not Waxen OldListen
10/9/11Revival StoppersListen
10/9/11In The FiresListen
10/2/11Production Without DestructionListen
10/2/11Forsaken WaterpotsListen
9/18/11How To Make A DifferenceListen
9/18/11Bitterness Of The SoulListen
9/11/11The Broad WallListen
9/11/11No MoreListen
9/4/11They Limited GodListen
9/4/11Say SoListen
8/28/11Love With AllListen
8/21/11A Dead ChurchListen
8/14/11The Sin Of Not Doing GoodListen
7/31/11The Devil's Strengths That We Should Develop In Our LivesListen
7/24/11Perverted BackslidingListen
7/24/11Our Need Of PatienceListen
7/17/11Forgiven Even As GodListen
7/10/11Six Ways The Devil Tried To DestroyListen
7/10/11The Things God Wants Us To RememberListen
6/26/11Let There Be No StrifeListen
6/26/11Hope, Our ConsolationListen
6/19/11Lessons About DarknessListen
6/19/11Things Fathers Should Teach Their ChildrenListen
6/12/11Rebels Dwell In A Dry LandListen
6/5/11God's Particular Plan For Your LifeListen
6/5/11He Must IncreaseListen
5/29/11Why Memorize God's WordsListen
5/29/11Words You Should Want To HearListen
5/22/11Get Wisdom, Not Just A DiplomaListen
5/15/11Attitude Protection For People HelpersListen
5/15/11Turning Away From Him That Speaketh From HeavenListen
5/8/11Now FaithListen
5/8/11A Proverbs 31 MotherListen
4/24/11Reasons Why We Need To Obey The BibleListen
4/24/11If There Be No ResurrectionListen
4/17/11God's Description Of SinListen
4/17/11Stare At ItListen
4/10/11Man That Is A WormListen
4/10/11Wherefore Do The Wicked LiveListen
4/3/11The Little Giants That Help Us Defeat The Big OnesListen
4/3/11Rotten Wood Painted WhiteListen
3/20/11Open His Eyes That He May SeeListen
3/20/11The God Who Sails Past Us In MercyListen
3/13/11They Have Refused To ReturnListen
3/13/11Delivered, Delivered, DeliveredListen
3/6/11How Are We To Be Like The Burning Bush?Listen
3/6/11The Simplicity Of PrayerListen
2/27/11Why Growing Churches Stop GrowingListen
2/27/11You Can't Take It With YouListen
2/20/11Destructive PeaceListen
2/20/11The Great Need Of Character In The ChurchListen
2/13/11The First Commandment Of MarriageListen
2/13/11Lazarus Is Dead And I'm GladListen
2/6/11Want To Be A Winner?Listen
2/6/11What I Shall Not WantListen
1/30/11Ordained To ServeListen
1/23/11Our Church Must Be KeptListen
1/23/11Praised By The One Who Deserves All The PraiseListen
1/16/11Old Paths Baptist CollegeListen
1/16/11The Ways The Devil Tries To Get Me To QuitListen
1/9/11Take Hold Of TheeListen
1/2/11Are You Growing?Listen
1/2/11What Will It Take For You To Be An Above Average Success In 2011Listen
12/26/10How Will Your Life Be Summarized?Listen
12/26/10All Eyes Are Fastened Upon HimListen
12/19/10A Christmas SockListen
12/19/10The Accuser Of The BrethrenListen
12/12/10General Christmas GuidelinesListen
12/12/10Whom My Soul LovethListen
12/5/10How To Displease The LordListen
12/5/10How's Your Spirit?Listen
11/28/10The Voice Of The TrumpetListen
11/28/10The Results Of SinListen
11/21/10How To Lose Your RewardsListen
11/21/10I Never Knew YouListen
11/14/10Hath Not God Chosen The Poor?Listen
11/14/10God Is Still Seeking Good MenListen
11/7/10Our Second Chance GodListen
10/31/10Scary ThingsListen
10/31/10Thou Hast Enlarged MeListen
10/24/10The Deception Of The Last DaysListen
10/24/10Hunting For JesusListen
10/17/10Precious ThingsListen
10/17/10Getting Past The Quitting PointListen
10/10/10Preachers Of A Very Small RemnantListen
10/10/10A Sermon About CancerListen
10/3/10Things You Can't Seem To Tell PeopleListen
10/3/10Don't Get Your Cart Before Your HorseListen
9/26/10What You Are, Is Most ImportantListen
9/26/10Feeling Forever ForgottenListen
9/19/10Like A MedicineListen
9/12/10Cat Food In The BrowniesListen
9/12/10Things Which Cannot Separate Us From The Love Of GodListen
9/5/10How To Keep Your Heart TenderListen
9/5/10His Coming Should Affect Our LivingListen
8/29/10This SameListen
8/29/10Suffering When You Are Right With GodListen
8/22/10The Truth About LeadershipListen
8/22/10Building A Good MarriageListen
8/15/10How To Protect Your SpiritListen
8/15/10Happy BirthdayListen
8/1/10Not Many MightyListen
7/25/10Smite The ScornerListen
7/25/10A Holy SealListen
7/18/10God, The MothListen
7/18/10How To Raise Someone From The DeadListen
7/11/10Stop Trying To Be A LeaderListen
7/11/10I Love JesusListen
7/4/10Why Your Youth Conference Is ImportantListen
7/4/10Serve The Lord With All Your HeartListen
6/27/10Lets Be FairListen
6/20/10When Are Heaven's Windows Open?Listen
6/13/10Me, My Kids, And My GrandkidsListen
6/13/10Like PassionsListen
6/6/10Satan's Day Is ComingListen
6/6/10Marriage And The Wrong CrowdListen
5/30/10Powerful LoveListen
5/23/10Use Your Mind RightListen
5/23/10Five Sets Of TwoListen
5/16/10How To See Yourself RealisticallyListen
5/16/10The Hardest Words For Man To SayListen
5/9/10The Benefits Of Good MusicListen
5/9/10My Tears In His BottleListen
5/2/10A Jealous GodListen
4/25/10Is Christ Divided?Listen
4/25/10How Not To Be OffendedListen
4/18/10The Kind Of People Who Destroy Churches, Part 2Listen
4/18/10The Kind Of People Who Destroy Churches, Part 1Listen
4/11/10We Have A Reason To RejoiceListen
4/11/10Get UpListen
4/4/10My Favorite Soul Winning ExperiencesListen
4/4/10The Resurrections Of The BibleListen
3/28/10Strangers In The BibleListen
3/28/10Visited In The NightListen
3/21/10How Full Is Your Bottle Of Joy?Listen
3/21/10Our Foolish Children Need God's WisdomListen
3/14/10A Wounded Spirit, Part 2Listen
3/14/10A Wounded Spirit, Part 1Listen
3/7/10Somebody Please Help MeListen
3/7/10Breaking Barriers In Our LivesListen
2/28/10Spiritual Guidelines For Modern TechnologyListen
2/28/10Misunderstood WorshipListen
2/21/10Socialism Is Not God's WayListen
2/21/10Let Freedom RingListen
2/14/10The Great Paralyzer, FearListen
2/14/10Proportionate Christian GrowthListen
2/7/10Satan And Our MoneyListen
1/24/10Full StrengthListen
1/17/10God's Leftovers Are Better Than The Devil's Main CourseListen
1/10/10Thou Shalt Not Destroy The TreesListen
1/10/10What It Means To Be A DiscipleListen
1/3/10Wise PrayingListen
12/27/09The Candy CaneListen
12/27/09Put On God's Thinking CapListen
12/20/09The Prince Of PeaceListen
12/20/09What Christmas Means To MeListen
12/13/09Hearts For MissionsListen
12/13/09The Virgin BirthListen
12/6/09How To Shop For ChristmasListen
12/6/09Hold Your Tongue, HeiferListen
11/29/09Marriage Is A Together RelationshipListen
11/22/09Betrayed Into The Hands Of MenListen
11/15/09Proper Burden BearingListen
11/11/09No ReputationListen
11/10/09Exceedingly MagnificalListen
11/8/09Restoring The RunnersListen
11/8/09The Importance Of Man To GodListen
11/1/09The Four Loneliest Statements In The BibleListen
10/25/09Preparing For Death, Part 3Listen
10/25/09God's Word Changes LivesListen
10/18/09Preparing For Death, Part 2Listen
10/18/09Don't Let Your Strength Become Your EnemyListen
10/11/09The Sending ChurchListen
10/11/09Time Release BlessingListen
10/4/09Hating For God's GloryListen
9/27/09Come, Let Us BuildListen
9/27/09Stingy Soul WinningListen
9/20/09Spirited Or SpiritualListen
9/20/09Don't Be IgnorantListen
9/13/09God's Healthcare Reform Plan For AmericaListen
9/13/09Do You Fear God's Goodness?Listen
9/6/09Praising God More And MoreListen
9/6/09Stay AmazedListen
8/30/09The Devil's DanceListen
8/30/09Is God Making Orange Juice In Your Life?Listen
8/23/09A Hedge Of Thorns For Your MarriageListen
8/23/09Spiritual Attention DeficitListen
8/16/09God's Financial AdviceListen
8/16/09Harden NotListen
8/2/09Praising God For 1,632 People Saved In Washington DCListen
8/2/09Frogs, Frogs, And More FrogsListen
7/19/09Choosing The Right RightListen
7/19/09Under The ShadowListen
7/12/09We Need Salt In Washington DCListen
7/12/09Comfort, Comfort, And More ComfortListen
7/5/09How To Behave When People Leave Our ChurchListen
7/5/09Help Exalt Our NationListen
6/28/09Abraham, The Success Who Didn't Know Where He Was GoingListen
6/28/09Unloved PreachersListen
6/21/09Please Control MeListen
6/21/09An Egg, A Carrot, And Some CoffeeListen
6/14/09How To Survive Working In The Secular Work ForceListen
6/14/09Stress, The Strength StealerListen
6/7/09Crept In UnawaresListen
6/7/09Seven Wonderful Blessed YearsListen
5/31/09Don't Hurt YourselfListen
5/24/09My License Branch SermonListen
5/24/09Hell's CrowdListen
5/17/09Now Use What You HaveListen
5/17/09Don't Be A Worry WartListen
5/10/09Dealing With PressureListen
5/10/09What Jesus Gave His Mother For Mother's DayListen
5/3/09Just In CaseListen
5/3/09He Giveth Wisdom Unto The WiseListen
4/26/09A Family ChatListen
4/26/09Why We Need Wednesday Night Church ServiceListen
4/19/09I Hid My Face From TheeListen
4/19/09Go Your Own WayListen
4/12/09Daily, Not Just SundayListen
4/12/09No Coffin For MeListen
4/5/09No Little KindnessListen
4/5/09A Fresh StartListen
3/29/09Mutual SubmissionListen
3/29/09Seeing The One Who Can't Be SeenListen
3/22/09Preach It, Don't Just Pray ItListen
3/22/09So Great SalvationListen
3/15/09What's Your Cause?Listen
3/15/09Fear Not, Your Captain Is SmilingListen
3/8/09Wasted SermonListen
3/8/09People Who Needed A MissionaryListen
3/1/09How Would God Describe You?Listen
3/1/09Why Your Decisions Don't LastListen
2/22/09The Battle Is The Lord'sListen
2/22/09Hiding God's Word In Your HeartListen
2/15/09You Multiply By DividingListen
2/15/09Desire When Ye PrayListen
2/8/09What To Do When You're SickListen
2/8/09Tighten Your GripListen
2/1/09The Pit Whence Ye Were DiggedListen
1/25/09Bazaleel And AholiabListen
1/25/09God Wants Your LoveListen
1/18/09How To Live By PrincipleListen
1/11/09You Are RichListen
1/11/09What To Do When Your Problem Is Bigger Than YouListen
1/4/09Insecurity, Part 4Listen
1/4/09Goals, Desires, Or PurposesListen
12/28/08Insecurity, Part 3Listen
12/28/08So You Want A Great ChurchListen
12/21/08Like A Christmas Cookie Made In His LikenessListen
12/14/08Insecurity, Part 2Listen
12/14/08Satan's ChristmasListen
12/7/08Insecurity, Part 1Listen
12/7/08There-ins Of Your HeartListen
11/30/08Lets Honor The LordListen
11/30/08Hide And SeekListen
11/23/08What Is Missing In America?Listen
11/9/08The Bible's Smallest Version Not So SmallListen
11/9/08Which Old Time Religion Will You Choose?Listen
11/2/08The Pancake That Won A WarListen
10/26/08Seventy Times Seven ForgivenessListen
10/19/08Have You Ever?Listen
10/19/08Bitter, Bruised, Sweetened, UsedListen
10/12/08600 RevivalsListen
10/5/08Vote For Jesus 2008Listen
10/5/08Neither Entered Into The Heart Of ManListen
9/28/08How To Last A Long Time In A Fundamental Baptist ChurchListen
9/28/08Tender LoveListen
9/21/08Novocain ChristiansListen
9/14/08Yielding Pacifieth Great OffensesListen
9/7/08The Whys, Part 3Listen
9/7/08I Flee Unto TheeListen
8/31/08The Whys, Part 2Listen
8/31/08Give Him A PlaceListen
8/24/08The Whys, Part 1Listen
8/24/08Spiritual PollutionListen
8/17/08The Things That Make Us Want To QuitListen
8/17/08At Thy WordListen
8/3/08Most Frequently Made Mistakes In Our Decision MakingListen
8/3/08Speaking BloodListen
7/27/08How To Shorten Your LifeListen
7/27/08Unknown Is Not UnimportantListen
7/20/08Don't Waste Your BurdenListen
7/13/08How And Why We Must Survive The Enemies Evil AttackListen
7/13/08Good Attracts, Evil AttacksListen
7/6/08Prophecies Of JesusListen
7/6/08Has America's Crown Fallen?Listen
6/29/08God, Our Personal TeacherListen
6/29/08Straight Paths For The LameListen
6/22/08Don't Spook The DoveListen
6/22/08Biblical Financial Promise During Difficult TimesListen
6/15/08Wimpy Men In The BibleListen
6/8/08Thank God I'm SavedListen
6/8/08The Key To BackslidingListen
6/1/08What To Do When People In The Church Are Having Relationship ProblemsListen
6/1/08Jesus Knows How We Feel And I'm GladListen
5/25/08Cold Water And Good NewsListen
5/25/08The Purpose Of GodListen
5/18/08Find It, Get It, Use It, And Pass It OnListen
5/18/08I Give UpListen
5/11/08Lets Rise Up And BuildListen
5/11/08The Resume Of A MotherListen
5/4/08Our Every Word Bible Was Promised To UsListen
5/4/08The FutureListen
4/27/08Practical Money GuidelinesListen
4/27/08A Church With Largeness Of HeartListen
4/20/08Midlife WisdomListen
4/20/08The Benefits Of Loving GodListen
4/13/08A Child Left To HimselfListen
4/13/08It's Free - You Need It, So Accept ItListen
4/6/08How And When To Contend For The FaithListen
4/6/08Jesus Is The Only One Who Really KnowsListen
3/30/08How To LearnListen
3/30/08God - My HelperListen
3/23/08Why Don't People Accomplish More For God?Listen
3/23/08The Gospel StoryListen
3/16/08How To Be MeekListen
3/16/08We Have A Liar In The ChurchListen
3/9/08A Revival Started By A YouthListen
3/9/08Missions - Our DutyListen
3/2/08Lets Fight BackListen
3/2/08The Answer To Your Asking Is ReceivingListen
2/24/08The Value Of One MinuteListen
2/24/08The Biggest Decision Of Your LifeListen
2/17/08Scab On Your HeadListen
2/17/08God Is FaithfulListen
2/10/08Jesus Christ Literally Arose From The GraveListen
2/10/08Valentines Day 365 Days A YearListen
2/3/08Take Care Of The TempleListen
2/3/08On My Death BedListen
1/27/08How To Help PeopleListen
1/27/08Are You The Next One?Listen
1/20/08Doing The Right Thing The Wrong WayListen
1/20/08Get A RhythmListen
1/13/08Refusing ReproofListen
1/13/08My Predictions For 2008Listen
1/6/08The Form Of A ServantListen
1/6/08Finding God's FavorListen
12/30/07Powerful PrayersListen
12/30/07New Year's Resolutions For JesusListen
12/23/07A Nursery Fit For A KingListen
12/23/07My Christmas Gift To MyselfListen
12/16/07The Veil Was Rent In TwainListen
12/16/07In The Time Of TroubleListen
12/9/07God Will RequiteListen
12/9/07The Fear Of ManListen
12/2/07Your Marriage From Here On OutListen
12/2/07Growing In GraceListen
11/25/07What Rooms Are Not Painted Inside Of You?Listen
11/18/07You Are So Important To GodListen
11/18/07No Other Name For SalvationListen
11/11/07That They May Be OneListen
11/11/07Honey Or VinegarListen
11/4/07Temper, Temper, TemperListen
11/4/07But If NotListen
10/28/07Prophecies That Are PracticalListen
10/28/07The Word Of God Is Not BoundListen
10/21/07Misunderstood TeachingsListen
10/21/07The Devil's Fall Attendance Destroying ProgramListen
10/14/07Sin Is Not Satan's Ultimate GoalListen
10/7/07Become Your Own Best FriendListen
9/30/07How To Help Your StressListen
9/30/07How Our Hurts Can Help UsListen
9/23/07The AtonementListen
9/23/07Let God Use YouListen
9/16/07The Value Of One SoulListen
9/16/07People God Will ConsumeListen
9/9/07Proverbial Faith Made PracticalListen
9/9/07Whole-Hearted PeopleListen
9/2/07Brethren Let's PrayListen
9/2/07Our Service In SongListen
8/26/07Wise And HarmlessListen
8/26/07Lessons About SorrowListen
8/19/07Advertise JesusListen
8/12/07How I Deal With My Own FailuresListen
8/12/07Flint-Faced ChristiansListen
7/29/07Heart MusicListen
7/29/07I Want My FreedomListen
7/22/07Money TalksListen
7/15/07Time WastersListen
7/15/07Planted On PurposeListen
7/8/07Evil And Sin Are Not The SameListen
7/8/07Don't Be A BabyListen
7/1/07Vengeance Is MineListen
7/1/07Sparklers Don't Make You A Patriotic ChristianListen
6/24/07Don't Be A Puke Eatin' PuppyListen
6/24/07Don't Fail To See How Good God Is Or You Will FailListen
6/17/07Marital FriendshipListen
6/17/07This BookListen
6/10/07Can You Keep A Secret?Listen
6/10/07Wonder If We Really Like YouListen
6/3/07How To Have A Good SummerListen
6/3/07Please Do Vote For MeListen
5/27/07How To Get A Tough Job Done For GodListen
5/27/07Do It Because The Bible Says SoListen
5/20/07To Whom Much Is GivenListen
5/13/07The Thing I Sacrificed By Serving The LordListen
5/13/07Mother Is Like A CarnationListen
5/6/07Somebody Needs To Throw A FitListen
5/6/07Thine Heart Hath Deceived TheeListen
4/29/07Life After DeathListen
4/29/07Some Things You Can Lose And Some Things You Can't LoseListen
4/22/07Rain Or RainListen
4/22/07Elijah And His ProblemsListen
4/15/07Stand Up Like A LeaderListen
4/15/07Love The God That Loves YouListen
4/8/07How To Be FaithfulListen
4/8/07Running Because Of The ResurrectionListen
4/1/07Spring FeverListen
4/1/07Why You Need Our Wednesday Night ServicesListen
3/25/07Weary In Well-DoingListen
3/25/07The People ComplainedListen
3/18/07The CrucifixionsListen
3/18/07I Will Rise AgainListen
3/11/07Four FacesListen
3/4/07The Overcomers And Their RewardsListen
3/4/07Empty MansionsListen
2/25/07Separate For The Sake Of OthersListen
2/25/07Things I Wish You KnewListen
2/18/07Powerful LoveListen
2/18/07I Surrender AllListen
2/11/07Who Is Your Real Enemy?Listen
2/11/07The City Of God And It's CitizensListen
2/4/07Taming Your Tongue, Part 2Listen
2/4/07The Love Of MoneyListen
1/28/07Biblical Instructions For Single AdultsListen
1/28/07Taming Your Tongue, Part 1Listen
1/21/07Pride Is BlindingListen
1/14/07Pride Is BlindingListen
1/14/07The Suffering Of Lazarus ExplainedListen
1/7/07My Sermon, A PrayerListen
12/31/06Sending The Sheep To The WolvesListen
12/24/06You Are To Be A BibleListen
12/24/06Christmas Explained By IsaiahListen
12/17/06We Must ForgiveListen
12/17/06Offenders Offending And The OffendedListen
12/10/06Things That You Can Do For Christmas That Won't Cost Much MoneyListen
12/10/06Obedience Is Better Than UnderstandingListen
12/3/06A Christian's Hearing AidListen
12/3/06Christmast Time AdviceListen
11/26/06How To Step Up In LeadershipListen
11/26/06Let Not Mine Enemies Triumph Over MeListen
11/19/06The Holy Spirit ExplainedListen
11/13/06The Birth Of The Old Paths ConferencesListen
11/12/06My Missions TripListen
11/5/06Music IsListen
11/5/06No Man Can Fight God And WinListen
10/29/06There Remaineth Yet Very Much Land To PossessListen
10/29/06Voices Near The CrossListen
10/22/06Some Terms A Fundamentalist Needs To UnderstandListen
10/22/06Five Surprises Of The Prodigal SonListen
10/15/06His Incorruptible WordListen
10/15/06Lost People Do, Why Shouldn't You?Listen
10/8/06Let's Not Make A DealListen
10/1/06Bulldog ChristianityListen
9/24/06Times Of TransitionListen
9/24/06How God Helps Us EscapeListen
9/17/06Being ThoughtfulListen
9/17/06A Lost Bible Is FoundListen
9/10/06Church DisciplineListen
9/10/06Don't Quit On YourselfListen
9/3/06Having One Heart At Conference TimeListen
9/3/06One Day At A TimeListen
8/27/06In The BattleListen
8/27/06Fit For BattleListen
8/20/06Crown Him With Many CrownsListen
8/20/06That's Not LoveListen
8/13/06Has Your Sweet Become Bitter?Listen
8/13/06The Things That I Do To Try To Keep Our Church Morally StrongListen
8/6/06Mistakes That Thriving Ministries MakeListen
8/6/06Don't Discourage Your EncouragerListen
7/30/06Turning Your Servant Into A SonListen
7/30/06God's Security SystemListen
7/23/06Are You An Ostrich?Listen
7/23/06I Love ChurchListen
7/16/06The Muslim MessListen
7/16/06God, Our RefinerListen
7/12/06The Doctrine Of Secondary SeparationListen
7/9/06The Green Eyed MonsterListen
7/9/06How To Get God's Word To Perform In Our LivesListen
7/2/06Let Your Decisions MatureListen
7/2/06Wake Up AmericaListen
6/25/06Cheer God and ManListen
6/25/06Big Vows Produce Big Spiritual PowerListen
6/18/06Thou Shalt Not StealListen
6/18/06Shake It OffListen
6/11/06My Stingy SermonListen
6/11/06Jehoiada's RevivalListen
6/4/06Tough Teaching With Tender TreatmentListen
6/4/06What Is Not Happening At The Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church After Four YearsListen
5/28/06Why We Are Still Happily Married After 25 YearsListen
5/21/06Disloyal Judas, Part 2Listen
5/21/06Disloyal Judas, Part 1Listen
5/14/06Six Lamps Of GraduationListen
5/7/06Two WomenListen
5/7/06Two MenListen
5/3/06How To Get The Most Out Of The Miracle God Has Given UsListen
4/30/06Bible Prophecies That Have Already Come TrueListen
4/30/06The Final Nail In Your Coffin Listen
4/23/06Stop And Smell The RosesListen
4/23/06Overloaded, Emotional LuggageListen
4/16/06Sick, Spiritual Body PartsListen
4/16/06The Empty Tomb WitnessesListen
4/9/06He Pleased GodListen
4/9/06Scardy Cats, Dumb Bunnies, And Bugle BoysListen
4/2/06Is Your Washing Machine Thumpin'?Listen
4/2/06He Is The God Of The ValleysListen
3/26/06Let's Drive FuriouslyListen
3/19/06The Torch TestListen
3/19/06It Is Time LordListen
3/12/06For What Do You Long?Listen
3/12/06Tract TrainingListen
3/5/06Prayers That God Always AnswersListen
3/5/06Hell's Missions ConferenceListen
2/26/06God's Bus MinistryListen
2/26/06He Changes BaitListen
2/19/06Is Your Strength Beyond God's Control?Listen
2/19/06You Will Grow OldListen
2/12/06Everybody Has StandardsListen
2/12/06The Doctrine Of The Will Of God, Part 2Listen
2/5/06Make Them Your MinistryListen
1/29/06Why Do Preachers Repeat Themselves So Much?Listen
1/29/06How To Have A Good Sunday MorningListen
1/22/06Signs Of LazinessListen
1/22/06Why You Need Our Wednesday Evening Sermons On Bible DoctrinesListen
1/15/06The Truth About Booze, Part 2Listen
1/15/06The Truth About Booze, Part 1Listen
1/8/06God Sees The GoodListen
1/8/06No Returns On Gifts To JesusListen
1/1/06Let's Get OrganizedListen
12/25/05Self-Centered JudgementListen
12/25/05Put Jesus On Your Christmas ListListen
12/18/05Don't Lie To YourselfListen
12/18/05A Time Of Good Tidings For AllListen
12/11/05The Secrets Of FailureListen
12/11/05Why Do You Doubt God?Listen
12/4/05Joy, Joy, Joy, JoyListen
12/4/05Serve GodListen
11/27/05Bible Marriages And Their ProblemsListen
11/27/05Do You Weary God?Listen
11/20/05My Wish List That Won't Come TrueListen
11/20/05The Carpenter's SonListen
11/13/05Stir Up Your CourageListen
11/13/05God Spared You To Use YouListen
11/6/05The SameListen
11/6/05How To Kill A WolfListen
10/30/05Accept Yourself - God DoesListen
10/30/05It Is As You WillListen
10/23/05No Fruit, Fruit, Fruit, Fruit, Fruit, Fruit, FruitListen
10/23/05How To Make The Christian Life EasierListen
10/16/05Why God Puts Authorities In Our LifeListen
10/16/05What To Do When You Seem To Face The ImpossibleListen
10/9/05Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, Part 2Listen
10/9/05Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, Part 1Listen
10/2/05Jeff In The BoxListen
9/25/05Big Mistakes That I Have Seen Churches MakeListen
9/25/05Learn To Preach To YourselfListen
9/18/05I Was A Layman Once And I Have Not ForgottenListen
9/18/05Why Am I Suffering, Lord?Listen
9/11/05Confusing WaysListen
9/11/05Hurricane KatrinaListen
9/4/05Let's Be First-ClassListen
9/4/05What Happened When You Got Saved?Listen
8/28/05How To Ruin This School YearListen
8/28/05What A Day That Will BeListen
8/21/05NIV, Not Inspired VersionListen
8/21/05Sowing, Reaping, And PrayerListen
8/14/05Why Preaching Is So Important To MeListen
8/14/05What Kind Are You?Listen
8/7/05Biblical SafetyListen
7/31/05Spiritual Business AdviceListen
7/31/05So What Do You Have To Lose?Listen
7/24/05The Sin Of WitchcraftListen
7/24/05No Thumbs, No Toes, And RemorseListen
7/10/05How Are Your People Skills?Listen
7/10/05No Little Things To MeListen
7/3/05Precious Blood, Part 2Listen
7/3/05Precious Blood, Part 1Listen
6/26/05Stop Chasing FleasListen
6/26/05Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church Is Not A Wax MuseumListen
6/19/05I Wish You Were Like SatanListen
6/19/05Unprofitable ServantsListen
6/12/05The Roller Coaster Of GriefListen
6/12/05I Wish You Could BackslideListen
6/5/05What I Want To BecomeListen
6/5/05Thank God For Our Old-Time RevivalListen
5/29/05Prudent In MattersListen
5/29/05Salty ChristiansListen
5/22/05Satans Favorite SeasonListen
5/22/05The Father Of LiesListen
5/8/05Walking On Scorpions, Part 2Listen
5/8/05Walking On Scorpions, Part 1Listen
5/1/05The Bonuses Of WisdomListen
5/1/05Don't Throw In The TowelListen
4/24/05Do Not Laugh At GodListen
4/24/05You Can't Fiddle Your Sin AwayListen
4/17/05What Do Your Prayers Smell Like?Listen
4/17/05Themselves, Yourself Or God?Listen
4/10/05Committers And OmittersListen
4/10/05Mighty MenListen
4/3/05From A Bitter Spirit To A Better SpiritListen
3/27/05You Love The Biscuits But Not The IngredientsListen
3/27/05The Resurrection Of The FamilyListen
3/20/05They Both Want To Use YouListen
3/20/05The Church Welcoming CommitteeListen
3/13/05Rise To The TopListen
3/13/05A Troubled SpiritListen
3/6/05I Will Not Use My PeopleListen
3/6/05The Greatest Missionary In HistoryListen
2/27/05Farmer's StewListen
2/27/05Will You Contend For God?Listen
2/20/05Forming A TeamListen
2/20/05The Candy Bar That Changed My LifeListen
2/13/05The Wages Of Sin Is DeathListen
2/13/05Love Lifted MeListen
2/6/05Fire ExtinguishersListen
2/6/05The Biggest Mistakes Of My LifeListen
1/30/05How You Can Feel Better About Yourself, Part 2Listen
1/30/05How You Can Feel Better About Yourself, Part 1Listen
1/23/05Are You A Giver Or A Taker?Listen
1/16/05Why I Am A BaptistListen
1/9/05You Cant Regather The Feathers, Part 2Listen
1/9/05You Cant Regather The Feathers, Part 1Listen
1/2/05Did Joshua Kill Uriah?Listen
1/2/05Success Comes In StepsListen
12/26/04Don't Mistreat PeopleListen
12/26/04Love Is My MotivatorListen
12/19/04Do Right In Spite Of Your CircumstancesListen
12/12/04Justification By FaithListen
12/12/04God's RightsListen
11/28/04Only A Form Of GodlinessListen
11/28/04You Need A Good StartListen
11/21/04Help, I Need Role ModelsListen
11/21/04Marriage Is Like A Fruit SaladListen
11/14/04America, I Won't Give Up On Your ChildrenListen
11/14/04His Name Is MissingListen
11/7/04What Makes A Glorious Church?Listen
11/7/04Arise Up From Your HeavinessListen
10/31/04He Knoweth Not That Gray Hair Is Upon HimListen
10/31/04How Is Your Conscience?Listen
10/24/04Don't Let The Life Boats FallListen
10/24/04Life Up Your EyesListen
10/17/04The SnakeListen
10/17/04Emergency Medical Advice For Your MarriageListen
10/10/04Let's Split Our ChurchListen
10/10/04Arise And WalkListen
10/3/04The Grinch Did Not Steal ChristmasListen
10/3/04Why Don't You Understand Separation?Listen
9/26/04Government ConfusionListen
9/26/04How Is Your Spirit?Listen
9/19/04Don't Be A People PleaserListen
9/19/04Don't Go BackListen
9/12/04How To Deal With Lost Or Carnal Family MembersListen
9/12/04So Fearful - No FaithListen
9/5/04Decently And In OrderListen
9/5/04The Six Most Wonderful Days Of My Spiritual LifeListen
8/29/04Surprise Self-DestructionListen
8/29/04The Real TragedyListen
8/22/04How To Make Your Mate The Desire Of Your HeartListen
8/22/04The War For The Souls Of MenListen
8/15/04How To Have FunListen
8/15/04The Bible Or RashesListen
8/8/04Don't Be A Pain In The EarListen
8/1/04Be A PeacemakerListen
8/1/04What To Do When A Leader FallsListen
8/1/04What To Do During The StormListen
7/25/04Why You Are In A Christian SchoolListen
7/25/04Jesus, The Foot WasherListen
7/18/04How To Break A HabitListen
7/18/04Friendship InstructionsListen
7/11/04The Song Of A Fool, Part 3Listen
7/11/04Instructions On How To Be A Successful EmployeeListen
7/4/04The Song Of A Fool, Part 2Listen
6/27/04The Song Of A Fool, Part 1Listen
6/27/04Three Biblical ClassificationsListen
6/20/04What Are You Full Of?Listen
6/13/04The Importance Of Godly CounselListen
6/6/04Why I Preach Across AmericaListen
6/6/04Summertime WisdomListen
5/30/04And Behold, It Was Very GoodListen
5/23/04Teaching What Is Wrong With The BeachListen
5/23/04Hot Or Cold, Both Are UncomfortableListen
5/16/04How To Keep Your House A Home, Part 5Listen
5/16/04The Biggest Fear For Shenandoah Bible Baptist ChurchListen
5/9/04How To Keep Your House A Home, Part 4Listen
5/9/04Don't Hurt Your MommaListen
5/2/04How To Keep Your House A Home, Part 3Listen
5/2/04I Bought A CowListen
4/25/04How To Keep Your House A Home, Part 2Listen
4/18/04Believe In The Miracle You HaveListen
4/18/04How To Keep Your House A Home, Part 1Listen
4/18/04He Delighted In MeListen
4/11/04Jesus - A Home OwnerListen
4/11/04A Counseling Session With The Prodigal SonListen
4/4/04Opposition Will ComeListen
4/4/04An Exceeding High MountainListen
3/28/04Our Faith Promise, People-Reaching ProgramListen
3/28/04Why I Love Pringles Potato ChipsListen
3/21/04The Responsibility Of RevivalListen
3/21/04I'm Glad. Are You?Listen
3/14/04How To Deal With FailureListen
3/14/04Choose Your Own CaptivityListen
3/7/04We Want To Serve You BetterListen
2/29/04Unfinished TowersListen
2/22/04Lets Beat The OddsListen
2/22/04My Tears Have Been My FoodListen
2/15/04To Help You Is To Hurt YouListen
2/15/04I Love BreadListen
2/8/04Health Tips, Part 3Listen
2/8/04You Choose The Wrong ComforterListen
2/1/04Health Tips, Part 2Listen
2/1/04How To GrowListen
1/25/04Health Tips, Part 1Listen
1/25/04I Want To Meet Your NeedsListen
1/18/04The Bible And MissionsListen
1/18/04Bad FriendsListen
12/28/03Who Cares Anyhow?Listen
12/28/03Created For A ReasonListen
12/21/03The Christmas Story From God's Point Of ViewListen
12/7/03We Have Found The MessiahListen
11/30/03An Altar, An Ark, Or A VineyardListen
11/23/03Put The Gun Down AmericaListen
11/9/03Satan's POW'sListen
10/5/03Do Not Resist SinListen
9/24/03Prayer Is Asking For SomethingListen
9/7/03We Have Heard But You Have SeenListen